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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Hydro Collagen Conditioner Review

For a period of time I was crazy over Schwarzkopf products because of the Bonacure range. When I saw their products in drug stores I went all crazy! I did not try their shampoos because I've got oily scalp so I can't use shampoo for hair repair and stuff.

The Product
Contains collagen and hyaluronan. Helps restore moisture balance for softer, shinier hair.

My Experience
The texture of this product is like any other conditioner but thicker than Sunsilk. During application of this product, it felt like I needed to use more than usual to condition my hair. 

At first I thought maybe because this conditioner is really getting into my hair unlike other conditioners that usually conditions the outside layer only. The texture felt a little waxy to me I believe it's due to the liquid keratin? Maybe?

After rinsing, hair does not feel any much smoother, slightly untangled cause I untangled them while using the conditioner. My hair still looked and felt dry.


  • Affordable
  • Need to use more than usual
  • Feels waxy
  • Does not restore my hair moisture
Rate: 2.8/5
Repurchase: No
It is not a terrible conditioner, but for the price you pay, there's definitely better ones out there and some
are even cheaper. 

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  1. Try using this another time but make sure that you have removed the extra water from your hair. And perhaps when using is, putting on a shower cap helps quite a bit.

    I tried this and its not too bad for me >.<

    1. I did... I squeezed out the water first before apply. I think my hair is just too damaged and need stronger ones.

  2. Hmm for me, Dove's conditioner is still the best. I tried Sunsilk's but I don't like it :p

    1. Dove makes my hair feels heavy... and yeah sunsilk conditioner kinda sucks. :p

  3. woooo! looks so bad eh :( so far i think dove is the best, but the smell is too strong :(



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