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Thank you so much for reading this blog from time to time. Just want to inform you all that I have moved all the blog posts here and I will be updating my beauty related blog posts there from today on wards as I am not able to maintain 2 blogs.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Merged

Hello my dearest readers,

Thank you so much for reading this blog from time to time. Just want to inform you all that I have moved all the blog posts here to and I will be updating my beauty related blog posts there from today on wards as I am not able to maintain 2 blogs.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Schwarzkopf Unveils Its 10 New Ambassadors.

On 15th January 2013 I was given the opportunity to witness the selected ten lucky and good looking participants of Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012 for the whole year of 2013 (I would want that) at Aeon BIG, Midvalley. In the Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search, there were 243 young participants from major colleges and universities in Klang Valley. Let's take a look at the ten gorgeous people now shall we?

The 10 Ambassadors
1. Ooi Joshua
2. Loo Lyn Shia
3. Tan Han Ying
4. Leong Hung Jeng
5. Tan Xue Fen
6. Yap Foo Khiew
7. Shalini Nair
8. Tan Jia Tong
9. Nik Azrul Aimanshah b. Ibrahim
10. Lee Sing Yee

Gosh looking at them that day made me realise i'm growing old! :(
Anyways, these 10 winners were selected based on a total package of good styles, charismatic personalities, and creatively penned slogans that outshone the others.

The Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012 went for on 6 weeks with engaging road shows featuring brand's retail hair care, hair colorant and styling products. (Yes if you did not know, Schwarzkopf now has retail hair care products).

How were they eligible for the search?
If you had no idea about the Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012, you and I both sister. 
I had no idea about the search and did not even hear about it. But back to the question above, to be eligible it is very simple. All they needed to do was purchase any Schwarzkopf retail product to qualify for a make over which includes hair styling, make up and a professional photo shoot. 

Those who did all the above took home with them a free 4R print image of their newly improved self, complete with a nicely designed Schwarzkopf photo frame. 

According to the General Manager (Markus Daburger) of Henkel Beauty Care - Cosmetics Retail, Malaysia and Singapore, the response of the search was encouraging, and based from the participating photos of the contestants, "Malaysian youth are a bunch of beautiful young people with bright shinning personalities".

These 10 ambassadors were selected based on their cool confidence, charm, and vibrant personalities, that Markus believes best personifies Schwarzkopf as a brand and trusts that they can carry the brand well. 

All 10 ambassadors receive a one year supply of Schwarzkopf retail hair care and styling products and also invitations to grace various corporate publicity events and activities + formal events. One whole year! That is just awesome. Imagine the cool and fun events and activities that they get to attend. 

Schwarzkopf retail line now provide everyone a chance to enjoy and experience professional quality hair care products at affordable prices! Their products include Freshlight and Palette brands and styling products under Got2b series which are available at selected pharmacies, hypermarkets, and supermarkets since June last year. Oh and by the way, Carrefour outlets have been rebranded as Aeon BIG, and yes you can find their products at Aeon BIG. :)

with the cute and pretty Maisarah

Sharon, Mai and I went into Aeon BIG to check out their products after the event. 

For receive updates and progress of the 10 ambassadors please support

Do visit their website:

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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Launch of SHILLS Damascus Rose Skincare Series

January 4th, 2013

It was a great opportunity to be able to attend the launch of Shills Damascus Rose Skincare series because I love ROSE! I'm a big big sucker for Lavender, second is Rose, so yeah. :) The launch was located at Garden Cafe between Midvalley and Gardens, (near the IT section). 

The theme was White and Pink, but I just came back from PD and Langkawi on the 3rd so I did not have many choices in terms of clothing. I just slipped on a white chiffon cardigan. I dragged Lina along because she loves beauty stuff too!

Card sized pictures for us to keep! :D

 If you have not heard of SHILLS, they were founded in 2009, and are the sole authorized distributor (Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd) of Taiwan's well known skincare and cosmetic brands, SHILLS, ANOSE and DOT DOT in Malaysia. 

The scent of these products are pretty strong for some and decent for others. But what I love about the Damascus Rose Skincare Series is that the scent of Rose is very natural. I've smelled so many scented products from stores, whether they are candles or oil, they usually smell a little off and sometimes they contain that chemical kind of scent. Whereas for SHILLS, the Rose scent is pretty natural. 

"This rose essential oil is represents the symbol of love and beauty, the Damascus Rose is renowned for its fine fragrance and rose essential oil used in making perfumery and rose water which are safe for human consumption. This precious rose species are cultivated from the Valley of Rose that fine grows at Bulgaria Mountain, an altitude between 300 and 1200m."

The launch begin with a performance by cute little girls dancing, I was way at the back so i could not really see or snap a proper picture of it. Later on Eva who was introduced by the Emcee, showed a demonstration on how to apply products on face, also the benefit of the products. 
She started of by measuring the percentage of moisture on the model for that day. The meter shows 33.2, which according to Eva is a little on the low side. 

In this picture she demonstrated on how to apply the Rose Luxury Essence, RM99/30ml. She explained that the way to apply is outwards and upwards, whereas for the forehead, from the center to the side. 

Rose Luxury Essence is specially made of Bulgaria's natural roses to improve dull-looking skin and slows down skin aging to keep the skin fully hydrated throughout the day. 

In this picture, Eva is using the Rose Essential Dual Action Cleansing Gel. Its texture is gel based but as you rub around your skin the texture would get a little glue-ee. 
Rose Essential Cleansing Gel is a 2 in 1 make up remover and cleansing gel that removes make ups and impurities perfectly with a dewy moist skin finish after cleansing. RM79/100ml

SHILLS Collagen Mask (Rose Petal Lift Jelly Eye Mask) ideal for reduce eye puffiness and give twice the effect of hydration to the skin. Supply skin with sufficient nutrients that effectively reduce the fine lines and brighten the skin around the eyes. RM99/10 Pairs

Eva shared that after using the eye mask, you can soak them in hot water, and later on can be used while bathing in the bathtub, as it contains ingredients that are good for the skin. 

Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream, gentle rose essential formulate that delicately easy away eye puffiness and dark circles which form a pair of radiant glowing eyes with more radiant and glowing youth. RM118/20ml

Rose Essential Hydrating Toner, quence the skin's thirst and allure the loved ones with its delicate rose aroma that leaves a velvety finish on the skin with healthy complexion glow. RM59/250ml

While looking at the products at the counter, Eva personally came and spoke to me. I told her that I have oily skin. But she pointed out that only my skin is oily, but my pores are dry. According to her the reason why my skin feels oily is because my pores are dry, so my body would naturally produce more oil to compensate the dryness in my pores. 

While testing out the products, I was later approached by the emcee to do a short interview regarding the products. My favourite product of all would be the Dual Cleansing Gel because it is very unique and so far I've not seen products like that. 

The launch ended with some yummy Tea Time snacks! They were quite good. 

Remember that even if you have oily skin, it is necessary to apply moisturizer to prevent our skin from aging faster. The two things that I know of that causes aging is the sun (remember to wear your facial sun screen), and dry skin. I know there are some people with really dry skin that the most moisturizing product does not help. Those with very dry skin have to find the product that's suitable for your skin.

A lot of hassle I know, but it's either that or you will get wrinkles! Pro-long your skin from aging because we are only young once. :)

For more information on their products please visit their Facebook page HERE.
Or their website,

SHILLS can be found at Cheras Leisure Mall, Berjaya Time Square, Stardust Studio Fahrenheit 88, Aeon Rawang, Penang Queensbay Mall, Tesco Kepong Village Mall, Dataran Pahlawan Malacca, Aeon Big Rivercity, Sutera Mall Johor Bahru, Johor Bahru City Square and ALL SASA Shops. 

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