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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rave Party Attire

Rave Party Attire

Hey ladies, I've got an event tomorrow for Trax on Track 2012 at Sepang KL. I'll be attending the Rave Party only and was deciding on what to wear. Due to that I decided to pick and match the kind of clothing that I like and would wear to a rave party.

Unfortunately I will not be wearing what I put together here because firstly I don't own these clothes and accessories and I don't have the hot body to wear them either. Sometimes a woman can dream right? ;)

Hope you like it. :)

PS: If you see me at the party please do come and say hi! Would love to take pictures with you and share them on my blog. :)


  1. Looks like some comfy gear for a rave! Pretty compilation. I frequent raves all the time too and the key is comfort! ;)

    1. Yeap, comfort is priority for a rave party :)

  2. Won't see you but I hope to see posts updates of the party soon.Have fun!



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