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Monday, November 5, 2012

L'oreal Royal Jelly 1 Minute Treatment Mask for dry hair Review

So for a period of time I was looking for good conditioners because I really want my old hair back. My hair used to be beautiful, not even exaggerating. But due to too much hair dying my hair is as dry as grass now. 

I spoke to my friend Karmun about hair products a while back (being typical girls), and she mentioned that conditioners doesn't work for her anymore, she uses hair masks as a conditioner instead. Another friend, Jess Lee also said the same thing. 

So I decided to try this L'oreal Royal Jelly 1 Minute Treatment Mask for dry hair. I picked this because they had a small packaging like this which I thought is great, at least if it doesn't work out for my hair, or if I dislike it it wont go to waste since there's only 5 packets for RM10+

My Experience
The texture is sticky cream based that's yellow in colour. The first time I used this I thought WOW this thing actually works! My hair that was 90% damaged reduced to 85%. So I thought cool if I continue using this probably my hair would go back to normal.

BUT the second time I used it, no difference, third time, no difference, after 1 week, still no difference. So yeah was disappointed about that part. It only worked the first time.

  • Work wonders the first time
  • Only work wonders the first time
  • After using for a week plus, no more effect
  • Not exactly very cheap
  • Scent isnt very nice
Rate: 1.5/5
Repurchase: Definitely No.

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  1. Wow! Work wonders only for the first time! macam mana nih? Maybe you need to let ur hair damaged to 90% back then it will make a difference again :D



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