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Monday, April 30, 2012

Herbal Essences Break's Over

Herbal Essences are popular for their scent. For many years since the old packaging, or since they first started, they have that unique and flowery, sweet, fruity scent. Back then they did not have many variety, but today they have a wider range: Long Term Relationship, Break's Over, Color Me, and more. 

Back description:
"I'll help you find the strength against damage with my formula. My formula, with an anti-breakage potion, strenghtens to help prevent any more breaks."

Use me: love that lather, rinse and repeat and you've got new found strength.

My first time using this shampoo was 3 years ago, when I stayed over my friend's place and I used her shampoo. That time I had terrible hair-fall problem and according to her, the shampoo did not heal, but also did not make the hair fall worse. So I tried it and she was right.

The texture is gel based and very foamy. I put a drop of gel, mix with a little water and it becomes very foamy. This means I do not have to use a lot shampoo for my hair, which is cost saving too. During my hair washing, it helped untangle hair and hair felt slightly more manageable after rinsing with water too. However I can never leave the bathroom without applying conditioner. 

After washing, towel dry+a little air dry, I comb my hair. Combing has became a lot easier as compared to my previous shampoo. But I noticed one thing, if I use a little too much shampoo my hair drops more. So I try to use a proper amount.  

- Gel based, and they are better for oily scalps
- Lathers to foam very well, hence easy for washing
- Untangles hair, helps make my hair more manageable, easier to comb.
- Smells good

- A little expensive. RM16+
- I have oily scalp, this shampoo does not help control the oil hence I've got to wash every day. 

Repurchase: Yes

Rate: 3/5

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maybelline Falsies Mascara Review

I bought this mascara quite a while ago, but I wanted to use it a few times first before I review it. When I first saw this, I was curious if I could actually use this mascara to replace with the REAL fake lashes. I saw make up artists from YouTube using it, and she says that she loves it, however she did not make it look like a fake lash. In fact in some videos she applied the fake lash, then applied the mascara, so I was misled a little thinking that this mascara was mainly for those who wears fake lashes. I did more research on it, and got my answer from Nuffnang's owner's fiance's blog. It is supposed to replace the uncomfortable and trouble some fake eye lashes. 


My eye lash without anything, but I did curl it.

I applied four times (application) as I want that really long fake eye lashes kind of look. Four times meaning I put the brush back into the tube, and take it out again, and applyOne time or first time means newly taken out from the tube. 

In this picture, it was the first application of the mascara

2nd Application

3rd Application

Can you see the difference? Can you see which eye is the one with mascara? Honestly it may not be obvious here, but when I look into the mirror it is more obvious than this. 

4th Application

Lets compare with the Maybelline Magnum Volume Express.

The brush is slightly thinner compared to the Falsies.

My left eye, nothing on just curled up.

So this is how it looks after 4 applications of the Magnum. I noticed that I could not apply anymore as it will feel heavy and a little rough. 

The actual fake lashes.

Conclusion? The Maybelline Falsies is definitely not a replacement for the actual fake lashes, because no matter how many times you apply, it will never be as long as the fake lashes. If it did, it's possibly because your lashes are already naturally long. 

1. Softer texture and feel if compared to other Maybelline Mascara's.
2. Smudge Proof
3. No discomfort. not for me at least, as the Magnum has a little discomfort for me.

1. Difficult to remove
2. Does not reach up to create volume for my lashes.

It is a pretty decent mascara for normal use. 

Rate: 3/5
Would I repurchase?: Maybe, but not anytime soon, feel like trying other mascaras from other brands. 

Biore Facial Foam - Pore and Oil Clear Review

I got a free sample of Biore's facial foam (newest packaging) -

In the content it says: "Unclogs pores & removes oil. It contains Crushable Beads that unclogs and deeply cleanses pores to remove accumulated impurities and excess oil. It is formulated with Witch Hazel that helps tighten pores, making them less visible to reveal smoother, brighter & oil-free skin. For oily skin."

My Experience:
Before Washing:
I have combination skin, and a lot of white and black heads. So at the end of the day i could actually feel the white heads in my pores as i touch my face, (nose especially). I would get the temptation to squeeze them out! But DO NOT DO THAT, because it will only make your pores BIGGER. So if you have been squeezing, i recommend that you stop.

During Washing:
Wet your face, squeeze a small amount of the Biore Facial Foam on your fingers, and rub in circular motion to create the foam.
During the washing, i could feel the 'Crushable Beads', however the feeling is very mild. I believe the reason is because the beads are really tiny. Which I think it is good enough, because if the beads are bigger or more rough, it is more like a facial scrub instead?

After Wash (The Results):
It does feel smoother like the packaging says, and it did remove the oiliness from my face. My pores feel tighter after wash as well. Though my face feels clean, I can still see some blackheads, which is obvious since I did not extract them (I don't really want to do that cause I know it'll make my pores bigger). This is only my second try, but I'll give this product a few days to weeks and see how well it cleanses my blackheads + once a week of exfoliation with my St. Ives Apricot Scrub and see how it goes.

*I will not rate the product until I've come back with updates. :)

1. It is a pretty decent facial wash. Skin feels clean and smooth, also a little tighter.
2. It is Japan made, and Japan is known for their natural ingredients.
3. It is very affordable. (Around RM6 to 7)
4. It smells nice.


I actually had high hopes for this product seeing that it's from Japan, and Japan is known for 
their natural ingredients. The first time I used it there were no immediate results, so I decided to give it a few more try. I tried this product for about a month and gave it many chances thinking it'll be better later on but it didn't! 

My pores grew larger as well, and I didn't understand why. But anyhow I have stopped using this facial wash and using a different one which is helping my face condition now. 

Effectiveness - 2/5
Scent - 3/5
Repurchase - No

How to cure Eye Stye?

Recently I notice that eye sties are quite common, especially among my friends and also myself. I once had this eye stye that was so bad and humongous and that lasted for few days to a week! Like every doctor would say, prevention is better than cure. This applies very well for eye sties, because you don't want it to grow any bigger. One thing about eye sties is that once it's already there for a full day, in order for it to heal is usually by letting it burst on its own, and all the puss will come out, eww I know. If you are not sure what's an eye stye, please google, I would upload a picture here, but I don't want to look at it so yeah. Haha.

The signs and symptoms, and cures are based on my experience, and also some Googling. 

What is an Eye Stye?
"Although the appearance of a stye can be unsightly at times, it is usually harmless. A stye is a small bump that somtimes appear on the outside or inside of the eyelid. A stye is also referred to as a hordeolum.
A stye develops from an eyelash follicle or an eyelid oil gland that becomes clogged from excess oil, debris or bacteria. Styes can be a complication of blepharitis but also seem to be brought on by stress." (, 2012)

How will I know if I'm going to get an eye stye?
The Signs and Symptoms:
  • Eye sties usually appear at upper lids, lower lids, inside the upper and lower lids, and sometimes inner corner of the eye. However during the beginning stage it is not obvious.
  • The first sign is itchiness and discomfort.
    • It is normal for our eye lids to be itchy at times, just like other parts of our body where our skin will suddenly itch. You will know it's a stye when you rub or scratch the itchy area gently, and it will suddenly get a little puffier than our normal eye lids, exactly at the area where we touched.
  • Not all eye sties first sign is itchiness, for some people, it is a slight pain and discomfort.
    • When our eye lids are a little sensitive and feels a little painful, it is obvious that something is wrong.
  • For some people at certain times there is no pain or itch, but a small bump straight away without any warning.
How do I prevent the eye stye?
  • Whenever I discover any of the sign and symptoms I've stated above, I will immediately get a cup, put 1 teaspoon of salt, add room temperature water, and 1/3 boiling hot water and stir. This is to make the water warm. 
  • I then take a cotton pad, dip the pad in the cup, squeeze the cotton till damped (not too dry) and place it on my eye. I leave it there for a few seconds, or until the cotton pad is cooler. I do this repeatedly for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until the puff or bump disappears. Usually I will keep applying until it disappears. 
  • Sometimes I would like to make the water a little hotter, it makes me feel better. You may make your water a little hotter as well but make sure you do not burn yourself. 
  • I have done this four times, and all four times worked for me. The reason why I apply warm or slightly hotter water is to create circulation for my eye. Salt is known for killing bacteria, that is why when people have mouth ulcer, they apply salt. So the salt is used to kill the bacteria around the eye lids.
What if the stye is already formed?
  • My methods above works for both fully formed and not fully formed sties. The only difference is that if you do it immediately when you suspect a stye, it will immediately be healed or prevent the stye from forming further
  • However, if the stye has been formed, do the same method, but the cure may not work as fast. The method will make your stye grow bigger, but bigger for this case is better because you need it to burst on it's own (DO NOT BURST IT YOURSELF).
  • Another option is to see a doctor, get antibiotics. The last time I took antibiotics it helped my stye to grow and burst faster, sometimes if you're lucky, it'll burst from inside. But antibiotics did not work all the time for me. 
  • Sties will take few days to a week to heal on its own if you use the method above, two times a day, 15 minutes each time. But if your stye does not heal or show any signs of healing, please visit the doctor. 

Never want a stye again?
  • Never is impossible, but decreasing the chances of having another stye is possible. 
  • For women who wears make up daily or often, be sure to use make up remover and remove your make up and cleanse your face right after.
    • I know some people who just put concealer or face powder think they can just use tissue to wipe them off, or use a cleanser straight away. But using a make up remover cleanses the chemicals from the make up better than facial wash alone.
  • For both men and women 
    • Cleanse your face every morning and night, following the three steps: Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. 

I hope I helped. :)

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PANTENE Hair Fall Control Review

Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo reduces hair fall due to breakage. Pantene Pro-V formula nourishes the hair root and helps strengthen hair. For better results, use together with Pantene conditioner. 

Massage onto wet scalp/hair gently. Rinse thoroughly. For best results use everyday.

My Hair/Scalp
- Because of my vain-ness since young (14 years old) I washed my hair everyday even when I don't feel it's dirty (because I love the smell of it), my scalp is kind of oily now. 
- I can't use moisturizing shampoo for my hair, it would make my hair and scalp much earlier. Due to that, i've always been very picky with shampoos. 
- I have hair pretty bad hair fall problem and certain shampoos would make my hair fall worse. 

My Experience
- The reason why I decided to try Pantene was because I saw in many magazines, where there are people who are actually loyal customers of Pantene, furthermore Pantene has been around for quite long now, so I thought, why not give it a try? 
- I have actually tried Pantene Hair Fall Control before when I was younger, and back then it did work for me, but after using few times I noticed it made my hair fall worse, so I stopped. But this was many years ago, and now they have new packaging, and I assumed there is also a new formula
- The texture is cream based and it lathers into foam pretty well, which makes it easier for me to wash my hair. The smell is awesome, it has a fruity scent.
- During washing it gives a nice feeling and helps untangle hair.
- Unfortunately, it did not help with my hair fall, in fact it made it worse like before, which I was kind of disappointed. Even after shampoo and conditioner, when I combed my hair, a lot of strands came out (More than usual I mean). 

As much as I like the smell, but it's a no for me, however doesn't mean that it doesn't work me means it doesn't work for others. So you girls can give it a try by purchasing the 90ml bottle @RM4.90 from Watsons. 

Rate: 1.5/5

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Lollipop Review

So this is the hype that got everybody in the US crazyThis Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is so popular among girls and women where most places were sold out! Some bloggers or vloggers had to go different drug stores just to get the complete colours they want. 

Well guess what? Now it's available in Malaysia!
It is finally in my hands too! The first time when I went to Watson's to try this product, I was terribly disappointed because firstly the colours I wanted wasn't available as they only brought in 8 colours into Malaysia, where as in the US there are 20 over colours! 

Even so, I don't know why but there is just something about this Lollipop that attracts me, whether I see it in the magazines, or when I watch it from the Vloggers on Youtube, or other blogs. The first time when I went to try this colour, I was wearing an orangyred blouse so maybe that's why it was a bit off. So make sure you wear a dark coloured shirt/blouse or white when you want to try bright colours like this

Quick look of the product.
So this is the total amount of lip butter in the stick. At first I thought, HEY! RM25 is kinda cheap! But for this amount, I think it should have been RM20. 

What so special about this?
This product is crazy in the States because of how amazing it feels on the lips! Some say they are tinted lip balms (lip balms with colour), while some said it is like lip stick but has the lip balm feel. They are a little sheer as you can see some glitters in the lip butter, but different colours are different in pigmentation and the sheerness. 94% of women claimed that their lips were softer after using this lip butter, and I am part of that 94%.

Time to Review!

Bare lips

With Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Lollipop 075

With Flash
I don't know why but my camera seems to wash off the actual colour, but here's the best I can show. 
The lighting in the room is from the dressing table, and the white light is really bright. So because of that the colour doesn't show much, therefore I had to use flash.  

The Swatches: Left = One Swatch, Right = Two Swatches


Here are some pictures, hopefully it'll roughly show the colour.

With Flash
This picture was taken in Watsons, better lighting here too. But again, the actual colour is slightly brighter.

- Moisturizes and softens my lips.
- They are pretty pigmented for something that moisturizes your lips as well
- Easy to find, in pharmacies.
- There's no perfume or flavoured scent.
- Comes in many different colours
- Does not feel greasy or sticky

- The cover is difficult to open.
- The texture is quite soft compared to other lip sticks, so it can be easily smashed when applying.
- Colour doesn't last long. (I wore this for 1 to 3 hours, after that the colour fades and look more natural). It is a CONS if you want the actual colour to last, PROS if you like that it turns to a natural Pinkish Red.

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase?: Yes! Might even get more colours IF they bring in more colours.


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