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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The White Cup @ Publika

The White Cup @ PUBLIKA

Quite a while ago, my mum and I were invited by her friend to a Health Drink seminar/talk, it was around beginning of February 2012. The reason why I took some time to post this is because I wanted to make sure that it actually works before spreading the good news to people. 

IMG_0110 copy

The White Cup is located in Publika, the office building. What they do is that they serve you health drinks, and by health drinks I mean drinks that are filled with a lot of nutrition that our normal food doesn't have. Yes we can eat healthy and get all the vitamins we need no doubt, but the difference is that the nutrition that they have in the drink is more than any food can contain at once. Sounds unbelievable? Sounds like a gimmick? That's what I thought too, but for me, I take this drink once a week blending with fruits and vegetables, made a difference. How? 

IMG_0123 copy


I am a pretty weight conscious person, when I get fat a little I'll start getting paranoid and start exercising and controlling my diet. But I noticed since I started drinking the health drink, losing weight has gotten slightly easier for me. I believe is because my body is finally getting the nutrition I need to perform better and to burn my body fats better when I exercise


In the seminar they explained a lot of things in detail, if you are not sure about anything or have any questions at all, just ask them. 

IMG_0144 copy
They even showed their before and after pictures. 

When we were there, we each tried the whole meal set.
IMG_0117 copy

The Aloe drink which is to clear our intestines at the same time help with our digestion. Just last night my mum was feeling uncomfortable with her stomach, when she was about to take her pills, I suggested her to try drink the Aloe drink instead. So she tried taking the aloe instead and she felt better, so yeah it does work. Same goes with me, it has been like four days since I went and did big business, after I drank this for three continuous mornings, I could finally go the next day. 

IMG_0120 copy
The Exercise Tea, AKA Detok Tea, supposed to detox your liver and everything.  It also helps with fat burningWhen I first drank this, my body felt warm and I started to sweat easily, I've also been drinking this few times a week, and it indeed did help with my fat burning, like SERIOUSLY it did

IMG_0122 copy
The Main Course. This is the health drink mixed with fruits and vegetables. You may think it's just a drink, how can it be full? But what you put in the drink really matters and that is what will help you be full for about 2 to 3 hours. It is good to eat many small meals a day than a large meal and skip few other meals later. This drink not only has a lot of nutrition, but it is also less than 400 calories, (one Chicken rice is already 500+ calories) and rich with protein. Since I started drinking this once a week, and when I do I try to drink it after my work out, I noticed my muscles grew faster and more toned than before.

The Menu
IMG_0109 copyIMG_0115 copy

They later showed us how to make the drink.

IMG_0129 copyIMG_0130 copyIMG_0135 copyIMG_0138 copy

IMG_0145 copy

I know that I've been talking mostly on losing weight, but it does more than that. Because this is a nutrition drink, it has helped many people with sickness as well. This is also known to be cells re-generator. Do go and check them out, after all it is free!

Mention me (Joanna from josarinechoong.blogspot) and you can get a free body scan.
Body scan of 
-your weight
- water %
- body fat%
-your body's actual age
- muscles %
and MORE!

If you wish to visit this place, contact me at and I will guide you from there. :) For those of you who are my friends, I can take you there personally.
PS* They have work out sessions every Thursday at 6.30pm, same place.

Visit their Facebook Page.
*Picture credit to The White Cup

Sunday, March 11, 2012

GDO Hair Image @ Subang Parade

I have been wanting to cut/trim my hair for super long now, and finally I managed to do so today! Before this cause no $$$, but today mum paid for me hee hee...

I did ask my mum how she found out about this place and started coming here? She said she randomly walked and tried. Honestly I thought that was quite daring, because for me I would usually ask around or my friends to suggest a good place to cut hair. I had some bad hair cut experience so maybe that's why I'm so particular. Because my mum keeps coming back to this place, and I needed a hair cut so badly, I decided to just follow her. 

A quick hair wash and hair cut by senior is RM48 for long hair. When the stylist was looking at my hair, he mentioned it was really long and even asked how long do i take to wash my hair. Lol. If you look at the picture properly, those hair at the side of my face is actually the hair from the other side clipped over. That's how long my hair was. 

My sister, she looks so tiny and cute here.

After hair cut, now blow drying. At first only the stylist was drying my hair, but suddenly another girl came and took another hair dryer and blew the other side of my hair. So it was like two people blow drying each side which at that time I felt a little weird, felt like they were attacking me LOL. The girl that was drying my hair suddenly said "panjangnya rambut", which means the hair is very long. Then I thought to myself, I've already cut about two inches! It's not long anymore. 

My mum. :)

And the final outcome!

I really love how they blew dry my hair and made loose curls or wavy. I think it looks gorgeous here, but now it's straight again! Arrgghhh... I tried using hair dryer and doing what they did, but my hair got stuck few times. Now I'm tempted to get a curler tong. To some people (especially the guys) may not see the difference, so I will tell you the difference.
1. Shorter by 2 inches
2. More obvious layers
3. A little thinner (I had no idea why the stylist thinned my hair as my hair already so thin itself!) - But non the less I'm quite satisfied with the stylist in a way.
4. He trimmed my fringe and restyled it a bit. 

Rate: 3/5
Because the price is quite affordable for senior, better environment as compared to those little salons that charged super expensive! My old hair stylist was located in Lucky Garden, to wash and cut cost me about RM50!!! And that time my hair wasn't even as long as now, as for this it's only RM48. Another thing I dislike about my previous salon is that when they wash they scratch your scalp, sometimes pretty rough too. But for this salon they were a little rough during combing and blow drying. But I think it's pretty much the same in other salons. 


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