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Monday, August 27, 2012

RM200+ worth K-Palette Cosmetics Giveaway! (CLOSED)

The Winner is Choulyin Tan and Nicole Sim! Congratulations ladies.

As for the rest of you, please do not be disappointed, there will be more giveaways soon! *hugs*

Hey there ladies! So sorry for the delay of this Giveaway, I know it has been about exactly or close to one month. The reason is because I was waiting for stock of the products of this giveaway and now they are finally here! Yay!

So here are the products that I'll be giving away. :)

These are products are worth a total of RM209.60, but I'll be dividing them and there will be two winners!

If you aren't sure about the concealer tone, don't worry because code 01 is suitable for most Asians. But I'll show you the swatch.

How to Win?
2 Way Eye Brown Pencil, one in Honey, the other in Chocolate. The Chocolate is like Dark Brown, and the Honey is like Light Brown + Kuma Concealer in tone 01

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2. Twitter:  joanna_sara
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Second, you have to share this Blogpost on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to TAG me so I'm aware that you have shared. :) (I WILL CHECK)

Those who failed to follow all of the above will be skipped during winner selection. 

Third, answer this question in the comment below :)
"Over the past 3 years how many eyeliners of K-Palette sold in Japan?" (You may refer here for answer) along with the package you want. The package on the left is Honey, right is Chocolate and they are based on the eyebrow pencil colour

That's all! I know this giveaway is a lil tougher than my previous ones, but it's because this is bigger than my previous ones as the products are worth RM104.80 each!

Winners will be selected at random, YOU MAY COMMENT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. 

So I now wish you all the best!
This Giveaway is open to Malaysia only.

Giveaway closes on September 3rd, 2012 at 11.59 p.m.
You'll be contacted via Twitter/Facebook.  :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

CLINIQUE Super City Block Quick Review

Hey everyone! 

I was given a few samples from CLINIQUE and this is one of the products! The Super City Block with SPF 40. This product claims to be an oil-free daily face protector... so let's get started with the review. :)

So it's pretty clear that the product inside has the same printing as the box, so whatever you need to know about the product should be stated at the back of the bottle too. But to be safe, I usually keep the box too. :)

This product claims to have a sheer and weightless formula thatcontains high level of SPF sun protection plus a boosted level of antioxidants. It slips on easily, absorbs quickly. 

Directions: What I would usually do is apply the sun screen on a clean face, after toning and moisturizing.


My Review

The product is brown in colour and the texture is actually not as sheer as it states.
When I put on my face it doesn't feel comfortable because it feels kinda difficult to spread and after applying it is also a little sticky. I have oily skin, so I usually prevent products that leave a sticky feel. I know this may sound strange, but so happen when I was using this sun block my skin looked darker, even my friend said so. When that happened I was wondering how in the world because i've not been under the sun lately. I do not know why the product made me look tanner, but i'm guessing is the colour of the product perhaps?


Even if it's RM20 I will not buy this product. Reasons?
1. Made me look tanner
2. Has sticky feel after apply
3. Not easily spreadable as compared to the current sun block i'm using
4. Definitely not RM20 ;)

Rate: 2/5 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

How to use Waxing Strips + Veet Review

Hey guys!

I know that Veet has been around for quite some time now, and whenever a topic about "waxing" comes up the brand Veet would be mentioned. So here is just a quick review of their wax strips that you can find at most pharmacies. As you can see Caring Pharmacy is selling it for RM23.90 but now is the Raya Sales season so do go and see if there's any further discount. :)

If you're wondering what's the fury thing behind the wax strip... well it is Ronya!
Such a cutie... no I did not wax her and NO I'M NOT GOING TO WAX HER. She's such a sweetheart... love her so much! <3.

Description behind box
One thing good about this is that they show you how to wax in ALL of their strips. If you do not know how wax, it's really simple.
1. Make sure the place that you want to wax is clean.
2. Rub the wax strips together to generate heat to melt the wax. (Like picture below)
3. Once you feel that the wax is warm peel the strips apart.
4. Place the wax on areas you wish to wax. (Like picture below)
5. Wait for a few seconds to 1 minute, then peel it off one go (FAST). Pull at directions depending on where your hair falls. Like the picture above, the hair is facing outward (from the hand), so when you pull the wax, you pull from out to inward. Another example would be your legs, usually the hair on our legs are facing downwards right? So you will have to pull from bottom to top.
6. Some strips are reusable, meaning it can be used to wax a few more areas before dispose. For this Veet strips, it could be reused but it was difficult to as it doesn't stick well unless you rub the wax again to melt the wax. 
Cutie Ronya sleeping...

7. The Results! After waxing use the Finish Wipes provided to clean of any residue from the wax.
One thing great about Veet is that they provided 3 packets of this wipes.

8. After wiping off the residue, wash the area with water and soap, patt dry with clean towel and if you wish may apply some lotion to soothe the pain. 

- Has 3 packets of finish wipes, whereas this other brand that I use has only 2 packets and it is not enough. After the wipes finish I usually would have to use baby oil.

- It doesn't work as well as the other brand that i'm using. 
- Have to rub the strips many times in order to reuse. 
- The waxing process with this product takes quite a while as compared to my other waxing strip brand.

Rate: 2.4/5
Repurchase: No
- Even though Veet provides more wipes, i still like my other waxing strips better.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Maybelline #235 - Warm Me Up Review

Hello everyone! Here is a Review/Swatch post on the Maybelline's #235 Warm Me Up Lipstick. I bought this at around RM23 from Watsons when they were having their "VIP" Sales (Member sales). I'm the kind of person that usually go for colours that are more to pink because Red doesn't really suit me but I do want to wear those hot Reds. :( Anyways here's just a quick review. :)


I would like to apologize as the colour isnt accurate but I'll roughly describe the colour (thank God our pharmacies have testers)

The colour is more to light brownish pink, after applying on my lips the colour is like light pale pink, but has more colour and looks less pale. I wouldn't say that it looks like no lipstick at all because the colour is a little lighter than my usual lip colour or the colour tone is different. So yeah it's like a nude brownish pink kind of colour.

This kind of lip colour would be suitable for any occasion whether you're wearing heavy eye make up or just a simple everyday make up.

In the picture it looks like my lip colour but slightly darker, but in real life it actually looks a little lighter and pinker.

- The colour lasts for quite long, even if you can't feel the lipstick texture on your lips, the colour is still there.
- Does not dry out lips (not for me at least) - but advisable to apply lip balm before lipstick
- Affordable, less than RM30
- Nice and sophisticated packaging

- Can't think of any, for me so far this lipstick is pretty good and I like it.
- As for the lipstick range, there's a con and that is the colour range is pretty limited. They may look like they have quite a variety but I noticed most of them are just lighter or darker shades of one another. Limited in Red tones.

Other than that it is a pretty decent lipstick.


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