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Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway: Modbox Beauty Box!

Lately there has been quite a number of Beauty Box brands and sometimes when there's so many we don't know which one to go for. Some of them may be pretty affordable given the many products in the beauty box, but sometimes that amount of money could be used for other stuff that we NEED.

But recently I was personally contacted by Modbox themselves and due to that I got to know about them. They are super cheap! Only RM19.90 a month!!! When I first got the e-mail I expected it to be around the same price as other beauty box brands, so yeah my eyes literally widened when I saw the pricing.

Not only it's cheap, they too provide benefits for those who subscribe consistently.

You may choose your subscription, if you subscribe for 6 months you only pay RM16.50 per box!

What to expect? Well like most other Beauty Box they will provide 5 samples. The picture above is for illustration only. 

Guess what! They are giving away 3 boxes to my readers. Yay! :)

How it works
Winners will be given a code by me, and winners will have to register entering the code given to them, they will receive the December Box for FREE.

During registration you are required to include your credit card number, but they will only charge you for January's box. 

However after receiving your December Box if you wish to unsubscribe, you may do so. In other words you won't be charged for anything if you cancel subscription before their January subscription closes.

How to join and win
1. Follow me on Google Friend's Connect (GFC)
2. Follow me on Twitter: joanna_sara / share this giveaway via Twitter (Remember to tag me)
3. Like my Facebook Page: and "add page to interest list"
4. Go to this link and click SHARE. and tag 3 friends. (be sure to set the shared link to Public)
5. COMMENT ANYTHING below. Please note, if you do not wish to join this Giveaway, please do not comment on this blog post. :) 
6. Comment as many times as you like to increase chances of winning.
7. Any questions or inquiries you may send me a message on my Facebook Page.

3 People will be chosen at random and winners will be announced via blog post, Facebook Page, and Twitter. More details till then.

Participants who fail to follow all of the above will immediately be disqualified. 

Giveaway ends on 24th of November 2012, Saturday at 11.59pm.
Giveaway is open to Malaysia only. 
Giveaway is open to both Male and Female

All the best. :)

*Please note, if you do not wish to join this Giveaway, please do not comment on this blog post. :) 

(As for now they only accept credit card, if you don't own one may borrow from family members and pay them back in cash, simple. :))


  1. Wow I love beauty box!!It brighten up my day!! Feel surprise when receiving the boxes. This is new to me! Wish to get this box:) Thankiew for giving away this beauty box^^

  2. WEEEEE. Another beauty box! And wow, this is like the cheapest so far O.O. Thank you for introducing it

  3. I've never had a beauty box before!! This sounds amazing to try out new products in town without having to splurge! ;)

  4. My fb sherrygo and tag but unabke paste not sure why... I mean paste the link here using ipad

  5. Follow on twitter sherrygo and tweet

  6. FB had add list hope i done all correct

  7. Dear Joanna, I've done all the steps! Really hope to win this because then it'll be my first beauty box! So curious what's going to be inside the box!!!

  8. Everyday im going crazy thinking what's inside the box!!! :)

  9. I really hope there are makeup in it! I loveeeee makeup!

  10. Anything anything anything !! hahahaa

  11. Wow, this is the first time I've heard of ModBox! :D Looks really nice!

  12. Shared and liked :) *fingers crossed*

  13. Wow! That's really affordable! I know some beauty boxes are around RM 60 and it's quite a heartache especially when you receive cheap stuff =(

  14. Followed via GFC as Isabel, Twitter @TheIsabelLee

  15. By the way, this is the cheapest beautybox at the moment in Malaysia. Can't wait to see what's inside! =)

  16. Please and thank you for this chance <3

  17. Please and thank you for this chance <3

  18. Please and thank you for this chance <3

  19. Followed! GFC: Nicole Sim Twitter:_nicolewords
    Please and thank you!! =]

  20. ohsem!!! joined and shared! time to keep my fingers crossed :D

  21. Such wonderful giveaway who can miss out

  22. WOW price in the market LOL. But wondering how is the content inside~? :)) hope to get mine too XD

  23. between, such a great giveaway! I should share this as many times I can to friends~ :P thanks dear~

  24. Your new reader here and done for all the step

  25. Great giveaway! hope i can win and try their product ^^

  26. Hope to read more beauty news from your blog

  27. Hope I can continue to subscribe Modbox Beauty Box after my first try as I love to receive surprise :p

  28. Hope to receive my first beauty box!

  29. Love the package and contents!



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