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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laurier Super Slimguard Review

I received samples of their new sanitary pad, "Super Slimguard" from Kao Laurier. Please note that this is for ladies only. Guys, there might be some information that you don't want to know or regret reading. :)

So i've tried them now and i'm about to share with you my experience with Laurier's new sanitary pad. Do know that i will not be bias and will be completely honest in this review.

Super Slimguard Day
The Super Slimguard Day is 22.5cm. It claims to have maximum absorbency in only 1mm thick. It's also claimed to be quick in drying and locking.  

"Polymers inside the 1mm Ultra Absorbent Sheet lock 200px of fluid instantly. It's so absorbent yet its barely there, staying hidden under anything you wear!"
"Suction-like power absorbs fluid quickly into the new Quick Lock System, get about your daily activities with no more worries about leakages, no matter how heavy the flow."
"Feel drier like never before with 80%* of fluid reduced on innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface and seals it within the centre core, reducing stuffy uncomfortable feeling."

My Review
First things first, I did not read the information behind the packet when I used it. Typing this information out is basically my first time reading it. What I experienced or felt was exactly what it claims! I'm kind of surprised actually, I mean how often are things exactly what it claims to be right?

In my experience when I first used it, I wore my jeggings because I was wearing a long top, so I thought my long top would cover my butt so it'll be okay. But seriously... Wow... I looked in the mirror, it is like as if I'm not wearing any pad at all! I touched my butt just to see if I could feel it, it is so damn thin I could barely feel  it. I would be lying if I said it felt like nothing was there, but it is really thin that you can barely feel it, as compared to my other pad of course. 

*This might be disgusting*
My previous pad used to feel damped, after all it's fluid. But to my surprise when I used this Laurier pad it felt really dry! I used to get a bit of rashes with my previous pad, but with this pad I didn't get any at all. So i assume the rash is caused by the pad. This one absorbs quick for sure.

Laurier Super Slimguard Night

Very much similar to Day except that it's 30cm. The first and second night I usually have heavier flow as compared to the next few days, so whenever I sleep and i'm always careful with my position because I worry it might leak. But even so whenever I wake up, there's bound to be a stain. But when I used Super Slimguard, I was really really surprised that I didnt get any leakage! On the second night, I slept anyway I like, when I woke up, no leakage as well. 

I've got to admit that Laurier has done a good job with this pad. Before this I didn't like using Laurier because the design was small which i didn't like as I preferred longer or bigger pads for a more secure feeling. But now I'm quite surprised with Laurier's new pad and I'm definitely switching to this one.

I gave some samples to my friend to try as well, she had the same thoughts as I did. She said usually when the pad is almost full she would feel the weight of the pad. But with Slimguard she did not feel that way. She wore the pad from 12pm to 4pm with heavy flow, it was still alright given that it's only 1mm thick! She loves it and she's thinking of switching as well.

So to conclude...
*super thin until you can wear any pants you want
*quick absorbent where you don't have to worry about leakage
*it feels dry so you don't have to worry about getting rashes
*given that it's only 1mm thick, it is able to last up to 4 hours on heavy flow. 

Rate: 4/5

*I'll be having a giveaway for the Laurier Super Slimguard! Stay tuned. :)


  1. hahahaha why guys would regret reading? =.=
    to me that's add on knowledge to know. for gf/wife next time. hahaha

  2. Good post. You don't often see such a straight up review of feminine hygiene products. Well done. :-)

  3. @henry - HAHAHA but all this you don't need to know, you just need to learn how to help her with her cramps. LOL

    @the yum list - Thank you. :)



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